No other termination method (including our previous silver-brazing technique) comes even close to the simple, functional purity of Silver Audio’s new High Pressure Fusion (HPF™) speaker cable termination method. Considering that one pair of speaker cables has eight termination points, signal loss from inferior termination becomes very significant. Typical soldered connections have always been the worst by placing multiple, grossly dissimilar and electrically resistive metals in the signal path. All crimp methods rely on small set screws or folding tabs which largely negate the notional superiority of crimped over soldered speaker cable terminations. These drawbacks either drastically compromise surface area available to the very load sensitive amplifier output, (think high resistance) do not make a completely uniform and airtight connection, (think oxidation) or do not allow the signal to penetrate multiple Litz conductors equally (think phase distortion). Even spot welding type methods are problematic since less than perfect welds produce carbonized contaminations and again, restricted surface area at the termination point regardless.

Instead, Silver Audio’s exclusive HIGH PRESSURE FUSION™ termination method (HPF™) accomplishes just what the term implies by actually fusing our solid silver conductors directly into the body of the spade with 12 tons of hydraulic pressure. Our new fusion method produces NO damaging heat, NO arching, creates NO interference layer of any type and is thus so seamless that the conductors and the spade can be thought of as one continuous unit. The spade we use is a slightly re-designed version of the same high quality, Cardas™ block spade we have used for about the past year. The Cardas™ spade is milled (not cast) from a solid block of pure copper, then modified by Silver Audio with a direct silver plating (no nickel sub-plate) to overcome contact resistance within the binding post. To date, the solid copper Cardas™ spades we use are structurally superior to any other spades we have tried (including cast silver) and still sound the best. Combined with our new HPF™ method, the entire termination allows completely uninhibited and uniform signal penetration into each individual conductor from all directions. The new method also eliminates the possibility for inconsistent connections since each termination event is error-proof, and thus 100% perfect every time.

We urge all owners of pre-August 2000 Silver Audio speaker cables to contact us directly for information about on how to have your cables re-terminated with the HPF™ method.

Silver Audio has also been quietly performing our HPF termination method on other brands of speaker cables as well. With the opportunity to dissect the termination of many other brands of speaker cables, we have rarely seen a perfect solder job, and found many to be in appallingly poor condition. High price is unfortunately no guarantee of quality workmanship: The most corroded, poor quality solder job we have seen yet was from a well known brand (who will remain nameless) and sells for $1000.00/pair.

Attention dealers: Silver Audio can also perform all your bulk cable termination using our HPF method at our facility as well. Please contact Silver Audio directly to make arrangements for HPF termination of your speaker cables.

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